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Are you ready to build your own business? Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you join the Sub Express family!


Strong Brand Recognition

Sub Express stands as a trusted and time-tested brand, backed by a dedicated customer following, providing you with a solid groundwork for launching your business venture. Our commitment to franchisee success is evident through our robust investment in brand development, strategic marketing endeavours, and unwavering support. From meticulously crafted branding guidelines to extensive training modules, from ready-to-use marketing materials to dynamic campaigns, and from regular quality evaluations to maintain brand integrity throughout our franchise network, we ensure that every aspect of your journey with us is geared towards prosperity and consistency.

Proven Business Model

With over 40 years in the restaurant industry, our journey has been a testament to learning and adapting. We've honed our expertise through years of experience, recognizing what thrives in the ever-evolving culinary landscape. Our trials and triumphs have led us to refine our business model, ensuring that each facet is optimized for efficiency and profitability. You're not just joining a franchise; you're embracing a proven system that's been meticulously tested and perfected. With us, you'll have the confidence of knowing you're equipped with a tried-and-true approach that paves the way for your success.


Comprehensive Training

We provide our franchisees with comprehensive training, covering everything from store operations to marketing and customer service. We do this in-store at our flagship location and in the classroom. Our team is always available to provide ongoing support, advice, and guidance, ensuring you have the necessary resources to succeed. From the moment you join the Sub Express family, you'll benefit from our wealth of experience and dedication to your success. Whether it's mastering the art of crafting the perfect sub or navigating the intricacies of running a successful business, we're here every step of the way to help you thrive. With our hands-on training and continuous support, you'll feel confident and empowered as you embark on your journey as a Sub Express franchisee.

High-Quality Products and Multiple Revenue Streams

Our sandwiches are made with only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients, ensuring every bite is a flavorful delight. Beyond our signature sandwiches, we boast a diverse array of offerings, including donairs, salads, soups, desserts, and hot meals, empowering franchisees to expand and diversify their revenue streams. Moreover, our portfolio extends beyond sandwiches; with additional brands and concepts, we attract a broader demographic, enriching the business landscape. Complementing our culinary offerings, our sister company, Mamais Foods, produces our signature sauces, cold-pressed juices, and frozen meal prep, further enhancing the overall experience for both franchisees and customers alike.


The Sub Express Advantage

Our franchise opportunity offers low start-up costs and a quick ramp-up period, ensuring that you can start seeing a return on your investment as soon as possible. With our flexible footprint, we can tailor our franchise model to fit any franchisee's vision, whether you're looking for a cozy corner spot or a bustling storefront in the heart of the city. Additionally, our multi-unit growth potential provides an avenue for ambitious entrepreneurs to expand their reach and maximize their investment. By owning multiple units, franchisees can benefit from greater operating efficiencies and incentives, setting the stage for long-term success and growth in the thriving sub-sandwich market.

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